Beware of these mistakes

As you get closer to Class 12 Board examination, it is important to remain focused.

As you get closer to Class 12 Board examination, it is important to remain focused. The last few days should be spent in mastering the scoring techniques that will ensure that all your hard work during the preparation stage does not go waste.

It is important to revise through all worked-out problems, diagrams and graphs from your NCERT textbooks. Attempt at least two full -length tests for each subject in the last seven days before the paper.

Plan well to utilize the 15 minutes of reading time once you get the question paper (for example –start attempting reading section questions since you already get 15 minutes to read before the actual time starts). Have your own strategy to attempt the paper – ask yourself if you are comfortable attempting long answer questions first or one-markers first. Here are some mistakes to avoid in each subject.


  • If you are required to show a notice inside a box, complete the written matter and then draw the box around it.


  • In physical chemistry, especially surface chemistry avoid mixing up of variables in formulae.


  • Avoid doing steps in rough work; show all steps and rough work clearly.


  • A device with high power rating does not necessarily consume large power.


  • Do not forget to write formulae while attempting numericals.
  • Ensure you label and refer to a diagram while explaining a concept through a diagram.


  • If your calculation takes more time, or you are under time pressure to finish your exam, leave the totaling of balance sheet to the end.
  • While drafting the balance sheet in partnership accounts, it is very important to keep your figures aligned and cross checked.

Published in Hindustan Times, New Delhi, February 25, 2015

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