Get Diagrams, Graphs & Numerical Examples Right

For Class 12 boards, we give you some strategies for acing Physics. Always remember that:

  • It is easy to score marks from the topics in volume II Of the Physics book.
  • Practice diagrams, graphs & numerical examples
  • You should cover chapters like Semiconductors (7 marks), Principles of communication (5 marks), Atoms & Nuclei (6 marks), etc. as one gets straight questions from these chapters.
  • In addition to this, few derivations like Application of Gauss’s Law, Cyclotron, Moving Coil Galvanometer, AC generator should be practiced thoroughly
  • Practice ray diagrams (with arrow), circuit diagrams (with current direction) and all the vector quantities with directional representation.


  • 51 marks are allotted to three and five mark questions and 15 marks are allotted to the one & two mark questions. Students are advised to make use of the first fifteen minutes of reading time.
  • Answers for one mark questions need to be crisp and to the point.
  • You should consider writing four points in two marks questions wherever possible.

Authored byBrajesh Trivedi

Published in Hindustan Times, New Delhi, December 10, 2014.

(Brijesh Trivedi is the Head of the Department for Physics at Studymate – Learning Centers from Hindustan Times).