NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Business Studies

Business studies is a depth-in study of various fields like accountancy, marketing, finance, oganizations and human resource. It involves a general understanding of various elements of running a business. Business Studies is a highly scoring and important subject of class 11th Commerce. As we all are involved in day-to-day business activities this theoretical subject is easy to understand. Therefore, a proper understanding of concepts and theories and continuous revisions can help students to score well in this particular subject. 

NCERT Class 11th Business Studies Chapter

  • NCERT Chapter 1 – Business Trade and Commerce
  • NCERT Chapter 2 – Forms of Business Organization
  • NCERT Chapter 3 – Private, Public and Global Enterprises
  • NCERT Chapter 4 – Business Services
  • NCERT Chapter 5 – Emerging Modes of Business
  • NCERT Chapter 6 – Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics
  • NCERT Chapter 7 – Formation of a Company
  • NCERT Chapter 8 – Sources of Business Finance
  • NCERT Chapter 9 – Small Business
  • NCERT Chapter 10 – Internal Trade
  • NCERT Chapter 11 – International Business


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