Advance e-learning tools for Class 8 to 10 (Maths & Science)

An unique learning module which uses technology enabled tools to help you prepare better
and helps you SCORE MORE!

Concept Videos: Helps in better understanding and retention of key concepts. Students can revise them anytime & any number of time as they wish.
Discussion Forum: Ask doubts & get them resolved. Access Question Bank to learn from queries of other students, resolved by our expert faculty.
Diagnostic Assessment Test (Class 9 & 10): This internationally acclaimed test evaluates student on 3 levels of difficulty for a chapter - highlights weak concepts & link them to previous & future chapters. Students can thus rectify the root cause of knowledge gap.
E-Books: All books are also available online. Students can read them anytime, anywhere, make notes on the book for future reference.
MCQ Test & Assignments: MCQ Test & detailed Assignments will be available after each chapter to test understanding of concepts & practice.
Live Classes For Backlog & Doubts: If you miss a class or have doubts on any topic taught in class, you can take a Live Virtual Class. These classes will get recorded and can be viewed in future. Schedule will be shared in advance.