Prepare for exams with Studymate

With the CBSE Board exams coming up soon, students will not have to look any further to get help with their curricular or choose a suitable career.

With HT Media Ltd having started a series of tutorials —Studymate Learning Centre — coaching will be provided to students from classes IX-XII. There are 6 learning centres around Delhi and NCR region and more than 900 students have enrolled in them.

To improve the performance of children in school and Board exams, and to provide a structured outlook towards a career, Studymate organised ‘Khud ko Jaano’ — an event to help students tap their potential and work towards a corresponding career option, spanning 26 schools and 17,000 students.

 As part of this, a career seminar was held on Friday which saw an interesting interaction between students and career consultant Usha Alburquerque.

“Students don’t think of success as something that comes from within. However, the most important ingredient for success is your talent and not what was good for your father or your brother,” Alburquerque said.

Students discussed their constraints, potentials and expectations from their parents.

“A career gives you an identity. The most important thing is your ability to excel in the area that you choose. So we notice that when students find an achievable goal, their performance automatically improves in school because they know where they’re headed,” she added.

Authored by HT Correspondent.
Published in Hindustan Times  New Delhi, February 10, 2012.