Class 9th Mathematics

We all have a hard time doing Maths since childhood. Mastering the skill in this challenging subject requires a lot of brainpower. Maths has never been easy but it is not that difficult though. With a good understanding & practice, you can crack this subject with ease. As 9th class Mathematics helps you build basics for class 10th Boards it is very important to have each concept & theory clear. Chapters like Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Probability & Statistics are the foundation of class 10th Mathematics & these chapters play a crucial role in 10th Board examination. Thus, it is necessary for the students to keep their concepts clear & build a strong foundation in Maths so that they can score well in their examinations.

We here at Studymate focus on each individual & make sure that every student can grab the concept & theory easily.

  • With the most innovative way of teaching by our experts, we make Maths fun for our students
  • Students get daily assignments, practice questions & best-curated notes of each chapter to help them understand things better
  • Easy formulas, tips & tricks will help them to solve each question quickly
  • Each chapter is revised thoroughly so that the students can increase their speed of solving questions & can score good marks in their upcoming examinations
  • Continuous analysis based on the student’s performance is done by regular tests prepared by our experts

CBSE Paper Structure

  • Number systems
  • Polynomials
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
  • Lines and Angles
  • Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Areas of Parallelograms & Triangles
  • Circles
  • Constructions
  • Heron’s Formula
  • Surface Areas & Volumes
  • Statistics
  • Probability

Sample Papers

The Class 9 CBSE Sample papers cater to the students the choicest of resources so that they are well-prepared for final exams and score more.
Practising these papers regularly can help in retention of important topics, while giving one a fair idea about the structure of questions to expect in the approaching exams. This will boost confidence of students.
Features of CBSE Sample Papers

  • The papers adhere to the CBSE syllabus and its marking scheme
  • Sample papers use an intuitive pattern to prepare students for questions likely to appear in exams
  • They will help students learn effective time management techniques, so that they get better at time allotment to different questions and can complete entire paper in time.
  • Sample papers also have a model solution provided by team of our expert faculty as per CBSE guidelines.

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