The broad objectives of teaching of Mathematics at secondary stage are to help the learners to:

  • Consolidate the Mathematical knowledge and skills acquired at the upper primary stage;
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding, particularly by way of motivation and visualization, of basic concepts, terms, principles and symbols and underlying processes and skills;
  • Develop mastery of basic algebraic skills;
  • Develop drawing skills;
  • Feel the flow of reasons while proving a result or solving a problem.
  • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired to solve problems and wherever possible, by more than one method.
  • Develop positive ability to think, analyze and articulate logically;
  • Develop necessary skills to work with modern technological devices such as calculators, computers etc;
  • Develop interest in Mathematics as a problem-solving tool in various fields for its beautiful structures and patterns, etc;
  • Develop reverence and respect towards great Mathematicians for their contributions to the field of Mathematics.
  • Develop interest in the subject by participating in related competitions;
  • Acquaint students with different aspects of mathematics used in daily life;
  • Develop an interest in students to study mathematics as a discipline.


Course Structure
Unit No Title
1. Rational Numbers
2. Exponents and Powers
3. Square, Square roots , Cubes, Cube roots
4. Algebraic Expressions and Identities
5. Factorisation
6. Linear Equations in Two Variables
7. Comparing Quantities
8. Direct & Inverse Proportions
9. Data Handling
10. Introduction to Graphs
11. Understanding Quadrilaterals
12. Practical Geometry
13. Visualising Solid Shape
14. Mensuration