Class 11th Biology

Class 11th Biology is a vast and essential subject of class 11th Science, therefore it is important for students to study hard and get their concepts crystal clear. Biology is a subject which involves the study of life and living organisms, their physical and chemical structures, internal functions and mechanisms, growth, habitat influence and evolution. It is a depth study from plant and animals to neutral functions and chemical coordination of the organisms. Students need to do hand-in-hand practice and continuous revisions to score well in this particular subject.

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CBSE Paper Structure

(22 chapters) Weightage
Unit 1   Diversity of living organisms  07
Unit 2   Structural organisation in plants and animals 12
Unit 3   Cell: structure and function 15
Unit 4   Plant physiology 18
 Unit 5   Animal physiology  70

Sample Papers

Class 11 CBSE Sample Papers have been made as per the latest curriculum and syllabus recommended by NCERT and the CBSE board. This will help students excel in the upcoming exams.
Working on these papers will not only help students with time management but will also aid in analysing their areas of improvement. It will give them an idea of their readiness level for the final exams.
Features of CBSE Sample Papers

  • The papers adhere to the CBSE syllabus and its marking scheme
  • Sample papers use an intuitive pattern to prepare students for questions likely to appear in exams
  • They will help students learn effective time management techniques, so that they get better at time allotment to different questions and can complete entire paper in time
  • Sample papers also have a model solution provided by team of our expert faculty as per CBSE guidelines

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