Class 11 th English helps you build strong foundation for class 12 th Board examination. Students usually neglect English higher classes because they start focusing on more tougher subjects like Science and Maths. However, English can help students to score better in their examination and therefore, boost the final result. English can be the most comfortable subject if students have a proper understanding of grammar rules and chapters storyline. Continuous practice of writing and grammar can help students to achieve their goal.

We at Studymate help our students to excel in English language in a more simpler way.

  • Studymate brings to the students best faculty experts to help our students understand the various concepts of grammar, writing and assist them in understanding the chapters storyline.
  • Our Audio Visual Based learning help students in better retention of concepts and chapters.
  • We provide the best study material and the content is prepared by our group of expert faculty.
  • Regular doubt sessions and revisions are conducted to help the students in clearing their doubts and to improve their weaker sections.
  • We keep a check on our students performance by conducting weekly, monthly & quarterly tests.
  • Important tips and tricks are given to the students to help them score well in their examinations.
  • We focus on individual attention and help our students to excel in their examinations.