English Crash Course

Boost your Class XII overall percentage with your English Scores. At Studymate, we understand the importance of English in Class XII and have developed a comprehensive program for the students of Class XII. Importance of English in Class XII:

  • Every additional 4 marks in English is additional 1% in your “Best of Four” score.
  • 25% weightage is given to English in college admissions
  • English is a part of entrance exams like CLAT, BBE and BBA.

Program Details:

  • Program Start Date: October
  • Course Duration: 40 hours
  • Content material will be provided
  • Mock boards in December & January

English Crash Course Result of 2016: 42% of the students scored more than 95% and 54% of the students scored more than 90% in CBSE Class XII English Board Examination. Richa Sharma, CBSE National Topper, 100% in English in Class XII Boards: “Regular doubt sessions, study material, and in class practice helped me to be on track with my studies and get an outstanding score in English” For details contact us or leave your details here

Crash Courses also available for: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Economics & Business Studies.