Performance Booster – Class 8 -10 (Maths & Science)

To help our studentsScore More in their exams, we have added several “self-learning & assessment digital tools” to supplement our face to face teaching offerings in two core subjects – Maths & Science. The Digital enabled learning can be accessed through a web based portal. It has 6 elements and serves as a strong “Performance Booster” when combined with classroom teaching.

Access to the Performance Booster requires a computer with internet connection with speakers/headset. The portal is also mobile friendly.

  1. Recorded Lectures – Each chapter is explained in an interesting manner through short and engaging videos to facilitate better learning through visual medium. Each video covers a sub-topic of the chapter and is about 7-8 minutes. The videos are easy paced and help to revise or study a chapter being taught in school before it is covered in our centers.

2. E-Books – The books provided by StudyMate are made available for easy reference. Students can make notes on the book and save them for future reference.

3. Online Assignments – At StudyMate, you are provided with multiple assignments for each chapter. All these can now also be accessed online for revision and practice.

4. Assessment MCQ – Small chapter end MCQ tests are available which will test the conceptual understanding of the chapter.

5. Diagnostic Unit Assessment (DUA) & ReportA tool co-developed by a leading Japanese academic research company & a leading Higher Education Institution of India. This tool helps the child know their strengths and weaknesses in each “Unit of Chapters” of Mathematics & Science.

It highlights the student’s weak concepts and links them to relevant chapters of previous classes to revise. It also highlights the chapters of future classes that could be affected. The report also highlights the performance of the student on 3 different levels of difficulty for each chapter for which the test is taken.

6. Online Revision & Doubt Clearing for Mathematics & Science  – Revision & Doubts for each chapter are done twice a month through a live online class accessed from home through the web based learning portal. These sessions are recorded to be viewed later, if needed.