Studymate’s curriculum for Class XI student is based on the CBSE curriculum .

At Studymate the class XI student goes through a rigorous program based on concentrating on the main concepts. We believe in building a strong foundation in Class XI, for the student to excel in Class XII Board Examination.

The program will be focused on helping the students to improve their performance in the School Half-yearly and final exams in September and February-March respectively which tests the student’s academic capability.

Studymate offers far more number of hours as compared to CBSE, to help the child understand the concept and have enough time for practice, doubt clearing, testing and feedback.

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Subjects OfferedCBSE Coverage Studymate Coverage
Physics100 hrs140 hrs
Chemistry100 hrs140 hrs
Mathematics100 hrs140 hrs
Biology112 hrs130 hrs
Accountancy157 hrs180 hrs
Economics104 hrs140 hrs
Computer Science100 hrs120 hrs
Business Studies100 hrs104 hrs
Political Science140 hrs160 hrs