Studymate’s curriculum for Class XII student is based on the CBSE curriculum and Board Examination Preparation.

Studymate prepares class XII students for the Board Examinations, the students go through a rigorous program throughout the year.

The full-year course is covered from April to November, followed by full syllabus revision, mock boards and on-demand doubt-clearing sessions. The students are exposed to many workshops conducted by expert faculty members for taking the board examination.

Studymate offers far more number of hours as compared to CBSE, to help the child understand the concept and have enough time for practice, doubt clearing, testing and feedback.

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Subjects Offered CBSE CoverageStudymate Coverage
Physics100 hrs148 hrs
Chemistry100 hrs148 hrs
Mathematics100 hrs148 hrs
Biology89 hrs110 hrs
Accountancy157 hrs180 hrs
Economics100 hrs148 hrs
Computer Science (C++)96 hrs120 hrs
Business Studies100 hrs104 hrs
Political Science140 hrs160 hrs