PSA Scrapped

Board has decided to do away with the conduct of PSA (Problem Solving Assessment).

Board has decided to do away with the conduct of PSA (Problem Solving Assessment) in classes IX & XI from the session 2015-16. Schools are, therefore, advised to conduct FA4 for the students of IX who could not attend assessment or are desirous of improving earlier scores and upload best of their scores (out of PSA or FA4) on CBSE website.

Also, the Board has decided to collect the marks of FAs and SAs in regard to class IX/X separately. The data uploading modules will be accessible through school login as scheduled under-

TERM / SESSION CLASS IX 2015-2016 CLASS X 2015-2016 CLASS IX 2014-2015 (presently in Class X)
Term-I (FA1, FA2,SA1) 15th Dec, 2015 15th Dec, 2015 15th Dec, 2015
Term-II (FA3, FA4, SA2) 30th April, 2016 30th April, 2016 15th Dec, 2015


The above dates supersede the dates mentioned in the Circular No. CBSE/COORD/X-XII/LOC-2015 dated 9th September, 2015. Link for uploading data will be accessible through School login/password as used during registration for Class IX/XI. Recently affiliated schools should contact the concerned Regional Office of the CBSE for obtaining the password. Data uploading can be done through the CBSE website