Board Exams : Sets The Foundation For A Better Life

Board Exams are in many ways one of the most important milestone in the academic life of any student. Results of these exams stay with students for lifetime. These exams not only test fundamentals of students, but also become key factors in determining the course of their careers. Here are 4 reasons why every student must take these exams very seriously:

A True Measure of Student’s Merit

Board Exams focus on evaluating a student’s Knowledge and Understanding of Concepts. Students who score well in their Board Exams usually have a strong grasp of concepts. Most competitive exams test a students’ ability to Apply these concepts. Without strong fundamentals, their ability to Solve Problems and Apply will be limited. That is why, they need to have a thorough understanding of basic concepts.

Class 10 Boards – Key to Selecting Your Stream for Higher Education

Students need to choose their stream (Science, Commerce or Humanities) they would like to pursue in Senior School. Streams are allotted based on the percentage score in Class X Board Exams. One can hope to get the stream of choice only with good marks.

Class 12 Boards – Key to Admissions into a Good College

Most higher education institutes, except Engineering and Medical, give very high weightage to your board results. Every year, around 2.5 lakh students apply for admissions in Delhi University. Table below is the snapshot of cut-offs for few top DU colleges in 2018 for key courses. Even for Engineering and Medical streams, it makes sense for students to keep their options open by scoring good marks in the Board Exams. Good Board Results also form an added advantage for students looking to pursue Undergraduate courses at top Universities in countries like Singapore, USA, UK etc.

College B Com (H) BA (H) Eco BA (H) Eng B Sc (H) Botany B Sc (H) Maths B Sc (H) Physics
Sri Ram College of Commerce 97.37 98.25
Hindu 97.00 97.25 96.00 95.00 97.00 98.00
Lady Shri Ram College 97.25 97.50 97.25 96.00
Hansraj College 96.75 96.75 95.50 93.00 96.00 96.66
Ramjas College 96.25 96.25 94.50 91.00 95.25 96.00

* Source: (6th Cut-Off for 2018 General Category Admissions)

Board Exam Results - An added advantage in Higher Studies & Professional Career

A student with consistent academic performance is more likely to get admission in premier Post Graduate institutes or secure an opportunity to study abroad. Results of Board Exams also play a key role in the initial years of one’s career. Many high profile organizations shortlist candidates for entry-level jobs basis their consistently good educational track record.

Get Ready to Excel in Board Exams

It is imperative that you put in your best for the examination and get great results. Let us look at some common approaches that will help you prepare well:

Study Regularly

Do not assume that the final examination consisting of all chapters can be prepared by studying during the last 3 months before the examinations. Regular schedule will balance study load and will help you be better prepared.

Review Sample Papers

CBSE releases sample papers for each subject. It is advisable that you solve and practice all of them. For further practice, you may want to follow sample paper books from the market, including those from Studymate.

Revise NCERT Text Book thoroughly

Ensure that you revise all chapter from NCERT. Also practice all questions from the book, especially the solved examples. At least 40 to 50% questions in the Board examination are directly from NCERT.

Focus on Managing Time well

Stick to a schedule of studies and do at least one sample paper each day. Breaks must be planned and limited.

Practice Writing

Since you will have to do a fair amount of writing during the examination, it is critical that you practice writing sample papers and not review the same verbally.


  1. Draw Tables and Diagrams
    In subject like Accountancy, Physics or Maths you will need to draw a lot of diagrams and tables. Make sure they are drawn clearly and legibly.
  2. Do not make Calculation mistakes
    Sometimes in hurry we do our basic calculations wrong. That results in you getting the incorrect answer. Make sure the rough work is done clearly and in detail.
  3. Read Instructions
    Instructions are the backbone of any question. Don’t miss the intricate details or the special conditions that may have been mentioned in the question.
  4. Do not miss a Question
    Make sure you see the full question paper before you begin to answer. Keep ticking off once you have completed an answer to not miss a question.
  5. Use correct Nomenclature
    In topics which require remembering tough names or definitions, students tend to mix up. Make sure in subjects like Chemistry or Biology you don’t use your own language for definitions and stick to the one in your text book.
  6. Answer in Paragraphs
    Avoid writing long paragraphs. Points well written are good enough to get you good marks. Don’t forget to underline headings and main points.
  7. Mention the Formulae
    In subjects like Physics, Maths or Economics, formulae play a very important role. So make sure you write the formula correctly, which you use to solve the question.
  8. Write proper Units, Signs and Rounding-off
    After calculations, make sure that units are properly mentioned. The sign of the answer – positive or negative is an integral part of the answer; missing that may prove costly. Don’t forget to round off calculations in the final answer.
  9. Show all Steps
    Ensure that you show all the steps and not concentrate only on getting the final answer.
  10. Revise Answers
    Keep some time to revise your answers after you have attempted all questions. You will get to remove mistakes, which will help your marks to go up substantially.