Students Heave a Sigh of Relief

SOMETHING FOR ALL The economics paper was a mix of difficult and easy questions.

While class 12 students agree that the economics exam came as a sigh of relief after the disastrous mathematics exam, it wasn’t a cakewalk. Akshita Verma from Amity School, Noida said, “My paper went well, it should compensate for my mathematics exam. But the paper was difficult as compared to last year. It had some application and analysis-based questions. I am not expecting more than 80% because I wasn’t able to attempt all the questions.”

Subah Singh, a class XII student said, “After a fairly difficult math paper, the economics paper definitely seemed simple. But compared to last year’s exam, it was complicated. Questions were not direct and the paper was lengthy. I am hopeful that the overall percentage will improve as I am expecting around 90%.”

The paper comprised of one mark, three marks, four marks and six marks questions. The exam paper consisted of two sections – Section A: It consisted of questions on price floor; production possibilities curve, revenue, law of variable proportions and the all-time favorite equilibrium which could be attempted easily. Section B: This section had four long answer questions based on deficient demand, budgetary policy, estimation of national income and net domestic product at market price.

According to Manju Arora, head of the department (Economics), Studymate, “This year 20% were easy questions, 50% were of medium difficulty level and 30% were difficult questions. There were 17% numerical questions which would help students to score high marks. There were also some direct questions to enable the average students to score better. The paper also had some application and analysis-based questions on current topics like Clean India Mission and Jan Dhan Yojna. Only those students who had thorough understanding of the concepts will be able to sail through.”

Published in Hindustan Times, New Delhi, March 25, 2015