Studymate’s Smashing Class X Result

Studymate outshone once again with its excellent results in 2014.

There was an increase of 118% in students who scored 10 CGPA in Class X from last year.

At Studymate, we ensure that the students are provided a stress free environment.The teachers act as mentors for the students and are always present for any support.Moreover, use of Technology Aided Teaching (TAT) helps the students in getting a visual understanding of all the subjects. It makes things easier for them to memorize and adds fun element in the learning process.

Studymate is not just a tuition center but a learning center for the student to excel in both areas of academics and personality. It is ensured that each child is given personalized attention. Regular testing of the students in an organized way helps in assessing the student’s grasp of the subject. The students have to write tests on a regular basis which helps them approach crucial school exams with clear concepts and confidence. Regular doubt sessions help them in gaining confidence during exams and thus perform better.

At Studymate, we are in sync with the changing needs and demands of CBSE. The curriculum is based on the CCE guideline which evaluates students not only in scholastic but co-scholastic areas as well. The course is covered twice in order to prepare the students for the exams. The course material prepared by our expert faculty and is easily understood by the students.

Regular Parent Teacher Meetings are organized to keep the parents well informed about the improvement in the child’s performance. As all the critical subjects with expert faculty are available under one roof, we are able to focus on the overall performance of the child.

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