Tackling Tricky Chemistry

Chemistry has been a tricky subject for many students taking the Class 12 Board exams. From theory to numerical problems, aspirants need to prepare well to overcome every challenging question in the exam. Here are some suggestions which will not only help you do well, but in competitive exams too.

  • Plan well for studying: Make a schedule for your studies and ensure strict implementation. Interact with your teachers for the important topics or topics which need more time than others.Pay more attention to those topics that you are recommended to pay extra attention to – like p block, d & f block, surface chemistry, polymers, chemistry in everyday life etc.
  • Time Table: Make a realistic time table for your study and try to stick to your schedules. Divide the whole syllabus in four parts – physical, organic, inorganic and applied chemistry. Allocate time as per the marks allotted to each block. For example, if you have decided to devote a total of five hours for self-study, try to stick to that. Take short breaks of 5 – 10 minutes during a continuous stretch of 4-5 hours of study.
  • Other Tricks: Use mnemonics. Mnemonics are phrases which can help you remember the order of certain things. For example, XSONC is a great way to remember the spectrochemical series. Study according to your learning style. Some people are visual learners; others prefer sounds, some need physical motion, and so on. Know how you learn best. Keep a model answer sheet and keep on observing how much is the requirement for writing the answers of the questions of different marks category.

On the day of the exam, write down important things first. As soon as the test starts, write down all formulae or other important information on some scratch paper before you start going through the questions. This will help you from going blank, when you need the information later.

Authored by Alok Bariyar

Published in Hindustan Times, New Delhi, December 10, 2014.

(Alok Bariyar is the Head of the Department for Chemistry at Studymate – Learning Centers from Hindustan Times).