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As we enter the final and most crucial stage of class 12 Boards, it becomes important to follow certain practices to ensure you give your best. The paper pattern has changed since last year with the number of sections increasing and the number of questions decreasing. The nature of questions has also changed. There are more application-based questions and the number of direct questions has decreased.

The paper will have five sections; Section A having five one mark questions, section B having five two mark questions, section C with 12 three mark questions, Section D having one four mark question and Section E having three five mark questions. Generally, section A and E have direct questions. Start your paper from any one of these sections. Section B and C are application based. Section C is the trickiest part of the paper so Attempt this section at the end.

Read the question paper slowly and carefully. Give 10 minutes to section A, 20 minutes for section B, 60 minutes for section C, 10 minutes for section D and 45 minutes for section E. Use last 30 minutes to revise the paper. Support your answers with flow charts and neat, well labelled diagrams wherever possible and underline important terms and words.

Unit two has the maximum weightage (18marks). Prepare it very thoroughly. Ecology will have largely application based questions. You should be very thorough with graphs and diagrams of this section. Tables given in Unit three are also very important. Unit one will have comparatively direct questions. Unit IV is the most technical part. Be very clear with the concepts. Practice attempting full length papers this month.

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Published on May 30, 2019 by R Gurucharan
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