NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Accountancy

Class 11th Accountancy is a complete different subject for class 11th students. Accountancy involves measuring of trading activities and recording all the financial statements. In other words, Accountancy can be called as a Business language. Accountancy can be a bit tricky to the students at first but with hand-to-hand practice and understanding of concepts students can score well in their examinations. As class 11th subjects forms foundation of class 12th Board class, therefore, it is necessary for the students to keep their concepts crystal clear.

NCERT Class 11th Accountancy Chapter

Financial Accounting Part – I

  • NCERT Chapter 1– Introduction to Accounting
  • NCERT Chapter 2– Theory Base of Accounting
  • NCERT Chapter 3– Recording of Transactions - I
  • NCERT Chapter 4– Recording of Transactions - II
  • NCERT Chapter 5– Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • NCERT Chapter 6– Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors
  • NCERT Chapter 7– Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves
  • NCERT Chapter 8– Bills of Exchange

Financial Accounting Part – II

  • NCERT Chapter 1–  Financial Statements - I
  • NCERT Chapter 2– Financial Statements
  • NCERT Chapter 3– Accounts from Incomplete Records
  • NCERT Chapter 4– Applications of Computers in Accounting
  • NCERT Chapter 5– Computerized Accounting System
  • NCERT Chapter 6– Structuring Database for Accounting
  • NCERT Chapter 7– Accounting System Using Database Management System
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