StudentConnect™ is a personalised service for understanding a student’s career interest using advanced assessment tools and converting them into right career decisions. The service will help students & parents make an informed decision about the stream they need to select in Class XI. This is done by consulting the parents of the student in sessions facilitated by Admizzionz Campuz counsellors through video conferencing or face to face conversation.

StudentConnect™ involves:

  • Evaluation of the interests of a student
  • Identification and analysis of career options
  • Facilitation of career choices
  • Selection of right subject stream and courses
  • Creation of action plans

StudentConnect™ Benefits:

  • Makes the student understand the importance and impact a career decision can have in the future
  • Helps in selection of subject streams for class XII and graduate studies that are better aligned with career choices
  • Gives insights of various career options and related work environments thus improving chances of success
  • Facilitates in understanding the qualities that need to be developed
  • Provides an effective and easy to understand framework for career planning
  • Helps in gaining insights that might otherwise remain unnoticed by both, parents and students
  • Provides a common ground for understanding the trend being followed by young generation
  • Provides guidance for channeling and directing the education as well as extracurricular activities of the student
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