Key announcements by CBSE not to be missed for Boards 2020

CBSE has announced a new exam pattern for class 10 and 12 board exams. The reason behind these changes is to improve education quality and focus on the analytical skills of students. Moreover, there is also an expectation to prepone the board exams. Now all the exams will finish in March month to ensure the early results. In this way, students will be able to spend their time in the preparation for competitive exams like JEE, NEET and college entrance tests. 

Similarly, in the Class 10 exam pattern, the number of objective questions has been reduced and elaborate answers will replace it to ensure creative writing. With a reduced number of questions, students will be encouraged to give detailed answers. 

Now, exam format of Class 10 and Class 12 will be divided into two parts- Main subjects and vocational tests. The vocational exam will be held in February month while the main subject exams will be conducted in the following month of March. Now the CBSE results will be declared earlier. 

Additionally, there is a change in the Evaluation process as well as now the board will reduce the number of copies to be evaluated in a day. Now, the evaluator needs to check only 20 answer sheets instead of 25. Moreover, coordination work will also be reduced from 100 to 80 copies. 

Now, students who are going to appear for the board exam in 2020, will give the exam according to the new pattern. 


  • The number of objective type questions has increased
  • Practical/internal assessment in all subjects
  • Internal assessment will carry 20 marks
  • The number of descriptive questions has been reduced
  • Internal options' weightage for descriptive and objective questions is 33%

Earlier, there was no internal assessment for subjects like Political science, Maths, Language but now, 20% weightage is of Internal Assessment. Therefore, only 80% marks will depend on the theory paper. 
Moreover, now there will be 25% objective type questions, which means it carries 20 marks in the theory paper. Next fourteen questions will account 15 marks for the section. This pattern will help students to crack competitive exams automatically. 

Aim of the changed examination pattern is to:

  • promote analytical skills rather than rote learning
  • develop reasoning ability among students
  • prepare students for competitive exams
  • improve the institutions' education quality

These changes are for the betterment of students and to get better results. Students are recommended to follow NCERT syllabus properly. For more information, students can check the official website of CBSE. 

Published on Aug. 21, 2019 by Studymate
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