Last-minute tips for Class X Boards

Final Leap: The exams have started, but read on if you still need tips to prepare for Mathematics,

Final Leap: The exams have started, but read on if you still need tips to prepare for Mathematics, English and Social Science Papers.

The Class X Board examination is the first most important academic qualification in your life. It is therefore, imperative that you do your best for the examination. Here’s some last minute advice that might help you achieve some good scores.

Study Regularly: Do not assume that the final examination is not important enough as summative assessment (SA ) -2 has only a 30% weightage. A regular study leading to a good performance in SA -2 may still improve your grades.

Review sample papers: The CBSE has released sample papers for each subject. It is advisable to ensure that you have solved the sample question paper. For further practice, you may want to follow sample paper books commonly available in the market.

Revise the NCERT text-books thoroughly: Ensure that you revise each and every chapter from NCERT. Also practice all questions from the NCERT book, especially the solved examples.

Focus on managing time well: stick to a schedule of studies and include doing at least one sample paper every day. The breaks must be planned and limited – it should not continue indefinitely.

Practice writing: Since you will have to do a fair amount of writing during the examination, it is critical that you practice writing sample papers and not only review the same orally. It is critical to ensure that there is a uniform speed of writing throughout the entire duration of the test so that there are no issues about completing the test papers.

And finally, take care of your mind and body: Relaxing, doing deep breathing exercises, meditating helps you stay completely free of stress. Eating home cooked and avoiding oily, junk food is also the right way to ensuring that you stay healthy. Oh! Please include that brisk walk in your routine.



  • Ensure that all diagrams in geometry are drawn neatly and labelled.
  • In the construction question, leave the marks of construction.
  • Highlight the final answer by drawing a box or underlining.
  • Show all rough work clearly on the same page as the question.
  • Write down each step even if you are not able to solve the entire question.


  • Ensure that the format of various writing tasks is adhered to.
  • Write neatly and don not overwrite
  • Do adhere to the word limit specified
  • Do not write any fancy new word without being sure of its meaning

Social Science

  • Practice map- related question on outline map.
  • Write answers to the point as stated in the question
  • For 5-mrkers underline the key points clearly so that the examiner can find the information quickly.
  • Ensure that the right question number is written against each answer

Published in Hindustan Times, New Delhi, March 4, 2015

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