Tips on how to choose a right stream in Class 11th

So finally class 10th exams are over! But the biggest challenge comes right here, when you have to choose a right stream for 11th class. The question arises, which stream will help you to reach your career goals? This crucial question will pop-up time-to-time and a wrong decision can haunt you for life for not making right career choices. Therefore, a depth knowledge of choices is highly needed to build a career that is best suited for you. A misinformation or a wrong influence can make you end-up in a career that is not made for you. Read further to find out how to choose a right stream after class 10th that will help you achieve your future goals and academic success.

Find your Strength & weaknesses

Gone are the days when we used to make career choices based on two subjects- Mathematics or Biology. Now as time is changing we have wide variety of subject choices. So, here comes the challenge where you have to find your strengths & weaknesses in order to make right career choices. At this point of time you have to recall your past experience. If you are not good with numbers avoid taking subjects like Mathematics or Accountancy. Maybe you are interested in the subject and want to carry it further but it might be possible that you don’t have the required aptitude for the same.  Thus, there is a big difference between liking the subject and being good at the subject. So, know the difference and choose wisely.

Know your Interests

So what excites you the most? Is it Mathematics, Science or History? It is easy to understand that things we do with interest help in making things uncomplicated and comfortable. It is very important to know your interests to succeed in your academic life. Choosing a right subject will make you more confident and capable for building a good career. If you are happy and passionate about the choices you made you’ll make your academic journey smooth and enjoyable. 

It’s your Decision

You are the sailor of your ship! So, it should be your decision to make your career choice. Many students make wrong decisions by neglecting their passion and with a puzzled mind follow their parents decisions. However, this can lead to the worst consequences. It is important to discuss your career plans and taking guidance from an experienced person but at the end it should be a career based on your choices.

Talk to a Career Counselor

Even after a healthy discussion many of you still remain confused and with ambiguous mind you may end-up taking a wrong decision. In this situation, you need to consider a good career counselor for more clarification. Visit a career counselor who would conduct tests which have been specifically designed to evaluate and help students to know their capability, interests & skills. You can also attend various career guidance seminars, workshops, educational fairs and events to explore more career choices and to get a crystal clear idea about various career opportunities offered by each stream.

Don’t follow the crowd blindly

You might be unaware of how crucial this phase is in your life. It is a very first step towards building your career and taking one wrong decision will make you regret your whole life. Many of us try to follow our peers and friends without knowing they have different goals and interests. You should stop focusing on what others are doing and instead gain a clear insight about your own interests and skills. What interests you the most? What you want to do? What are your strong subjects? And evaluate your personality and skills. They may help you make right decisions for your career.

It does not matter what people think of your choice. Do not choose something just because you want your parents or relatives to think good of you. It’s time to think about yourself and what will help you to reach your future goals. Parents should also avoid imposing their decisions on children and help them in exploring right career options. After all it’s your career and in the end, you have to give answer to yourself. So, follow your dreams and choose wisely. All the best!

Published on June 17, 2019 by Studymate
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