NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics

Physics is one of the critical subject of class 11th and therefore it is quite difficult to master in this particular subject. Physics is a subject which deals in the study of properties of matter and nature. It lays a foundation for various further studies of a student’s life. As it forms one of a core elements engineering and various other fields which class 11th Science students usually opt for, a proper understanding of concepts is necessary to qualify in this particular subject.

NCERT Class 11th Physics Chapter-Wise Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Chapter 1 Units and Dimension NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 Motion in a Straight Line_Final NCERT Solutions for Chapter 3 Motion in a Plane NCERT Solutions for Chapter 4 Laws of Motion NCERT Solutions for Chapter 5 Work, Energy & Power NCERT Solutions for Chapter 6 System of Particle and Rotational Motion NCERT Solutions for Chapter 7 Gravitation NCERT Solutions for Chapter 8 Solids NCERT Solutions for Chapter 9 Fluids NCERT Solutions for Chapter 10 Thermal Properties NCERT Solutions for Chapter 11 Thermodynamics NCERT Solutions for Chapter 12 Kinetic Theory NCERT Solutions for Chapter 13 Oscillation NCERT Solutions for Chapter 14 Waves













We at STUDYMATE ( are immensely proud to bring to you NCERT SOLUTIONS class 11. These have been made by our expert faculties, ensuring Solutions that are easy, simple and lucid. NCERT SOLUTION plays a very important role in the process of preparation of BOARD EXAMS and also for competitive exams such as JEE MAINS and NEET. Our Solutions for NCERT books have been made under the guiding light of the industry stalwarts who have been associated with providing guidance to students for BOARD EXAMS and competitive exams for decades. With our SOLUTIONS to the NCERT books we aim to provide students a ONE STOP DESTINATION to master the NCERT books. We at STUDYMATE ( are focused on reaching each and every individual and this is the same strategy we have employed while making these solutions. Our NCERT SOLUTIONS class 11 makes self study and self analysis of the NCERT books very easy and a doable task which otherwise is difficult  given the complexity of class 11 physics syllabus. While making these SOLUTIONS it has been our focus to make complex concepts as clear as possible so as to develop an insight into the subject and not just provide redundant solutions that do not clear the concepts and just jump to formulas.

Physics is a subject that requires understanding and does not work by memorization. This makes NCERT an indispensable tool to crack and ace the school exams. NCERT class 11 also forms the base for class 12 boards and eventually mastering it helps excel in the BOARDS exams. It is also important to note that competitive exams like NEET and other PMT examinations have questions directly picked from the NCERTs. This makes a command over NCERTs indispensable. Similarly class 11 physics has an importance for students preparing for engineering exams as well, class 11 physics gives the students an introduction to almost all kinds of basic concepts required for pursuing engineering. It brings the concepts of mechanics, gravitation and so on that give us an insight into the world of physics.

NCERT books are prepared by subject experts who have tried to bring complex and rigorous concepts into easy language. They have developed the book with thought provoking questions and conceptual questions requiring analysis. This makes reading the book without a good SOLUTION a difficult task. It is due to this that performing well in school examination becomes a difficult task. This makes students fearful of PHYSICS. It also diminishes chances of performing well in competitive examinations such as NEET, JEE mains. It is also a fact that there is a steep gradient between class 10th physics and class 11th physics. It is true as class 11th is the first class where a student exclusively studies PHYSICS as an independent subject. This steep gradient requires emphasis on the subject and this can be done only by thorough analysis of NCERT books. This is where our solutions come in handy as they are in the most easily accessible PDF format. It also has been provided FREE of cost in line with our view to provide help to all students.    

The structure of the solutions to the NCERT is fairly organized, we have given solutions to the exercise questions chapter wise. The list of the chapters in NCERT is as follows:

•    Physical world
•    Units and Measurement
•    Motion in a straight line 
•    Motion in a plane
•    Laws of motion
•    Work, Energy, and Power
•    Systems of Particle and Rotational motion
•    Gravitation
•    Mechanical properties of Solids
•    Mechanical properties of Fluids
•    Thermal properties of matter
•    Thermodynamics
•    Kinetic theory
•    Oscillations
•    Waves

Studymate has been a friend of students since our conception, from organizing programs such as 24 hour helpline for students appearing for CBSE board examinations even a few hour before the exam to providing free and absolutely error free solutions for the exams, we have done it all. As has been told by NCERT, these class 11 physics books are not an easy read like class 10th science books. These books require a deep understanding of concepts and focus is on application. Similar approach is followed by CBSE in their various examinations such as BOARDS and NEET. They ask conceptual and exemplar questions that test the understanding of a student. In such a challenging scenario, these SOLUTIONS to NCERT are of immense importance. 

Class 11 physics NCERT introduces the students to a plethora of new concepts. This class is of utmost importance due to bringing in a completely new dimension of studying physics. In this standard the focus on mathematical application in physics increases. We also see new definitions of terms like force, work and power and so on that were previously known to us differently. There is an increased focus and emphasis on derivations of formulas. 

Importance of NCERT books can be gauged from the fact that even CBSE website refers to it as a standard source ( ). It has been accredited as being a standard source for various examinations conducted by CBSE.

In accordance with the importance of these books, we have provided a solution that mirrors the pattern of the textbook. We begin our solutions from UNIT and MEASUREMENT and go to the last chapter WAVES. Our suggestion to go about the book is to read the text and solve the examples given in the NCERT. This forms a base for further exploration of the topic. From here we suggest trying to solve the exercise questions. This may pose a difficulty for the student as these questions do not have a solution and are extremely important from examination point of view. This is where our solutions by Studymate ( ) should be used. This should be used after trying the questions atleast once. This will eventually help the student overcome the obstacle of ncert questions.

Looking at the physics syllabus of class 11th, we can categorize it into broadly units such as: physical world and measurement that deals with questions such as WHAT IS PHYSICS?, scope of physics, various international systems of  units and measurement of length, mass and time. It focuses on accuracy and precision in measurement and errors, dimensional formulae and equations. From this unit we move on to KINEMATICS, where we deal with topics such as position, path length, displacement, relative velocity and so on. It also dwells into scalars, vectors, vector addition, projectile motion etc. Next unit begins with the discussion of laws of motion, from aristotle’s fallacy to newton’s three laws of motion, and conservation of momentum and so on. Next in line is work, power and energy that discusses kinetic energy, work-energy theorem, potential energy etc. In the following unit which is motion of system of particle we study the concepts of center of mass, moment of inertia, angular momentum, kinematics of rotational motion. Gravitation focuses on kepler’s law, universal law of gravitation, escape velocity etc. This unit brings about an end to the first book, the second book begins with the mechanical properties of solid and fluid which includes studying elastic behavior, stress and strain, hooke’s law, pressure, streamline flow, Bernuolli’s principle, surface tension etc. Next in line is an analysis of thermodynamics and thermal properties of matter which involves ideal gas equation, specific heat capacity, calorimeter, thermal equilibrium, various laws of thermodynamics, heat engine, carnot engine, refrigeration, heat pumps, molecular nature of matter, behavior of gases. Last in the series of class 11th physics topics is waves and oscillations which has periodic motion, oscillatory motion, simple harmonic motion, forced oscillation, transverse and longitudinal wave, speed of a travelling wave, reflection of wave etc.

This brings about an end to the syllabus of class 11th physics, now coming onto the importance of physics we must realize that everything around us is physics and studying it gives us an insight into the functioning of the universe. From the discovery of fire to electricity we have come a long way. All that we see around us has an application of physics. To be able to pursue a career in pure sciences or engineering it is imperative that we understand these concepts well. This tells us about the importance of physics in class 11th.

It is this syllabus that also helps understand the physics of class 12th which is an important element of board exams and scoring well in it is indispensable for getting a good college of your choice. 

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