NCERT Solutions Class 9 Science

We at Studymate, present free NCERT solutions for Class 9th Science to help students in their homework and exams. It is easily accessible and easier to grasp for effortless learning. These detailed solutions help students in improving problem-solving skills. Our subject experts have an eye for details and precisely curate answers to help students get a deeper understanding of all the points covered in the syllabus.

NCERT Class 9th Science Chapter-Wise Solutions

NCERT Solution for Chapter 1  Flotation NCERT Solution for Chapter 2  Work and Energy NCERT Solution for Chapter 3  Gravitation NCERT Solution for Chapter 4  Sound NCERT Solution for Chapter 5  Motion NCERT Solution for Chapter 6  Force and Laws of Motion NCERT Solution for Chapter 7  Atoms & Molecule NCERT Solution for Chapter 8  Is Matter around us pure NCERT Solution for Chapter 9  Matter in Our Surrounding NCERT Solution for Chapter 10 Structure of Atom NCERT Solution for Chapter 11 Diversity in living organisms NCERT Solution for Chapter 12 Fundamental Unit of Life NCERT Solution for Chapter 13 Tissue NCERT Solution for Chapter 14 Why Do We Fall ill NCERT Solution for Chapter 15 Improvement in Food Resources NCERT Solution for Chapter 16 Natural Resources















Class 9 is the foundation for Class 10th & 11th. If students don’t focus on Class 9, and take science in Class 11, they will feel totally lost. All lessons of Class 10 & 11 science assume that students have the basic knowledge from class 9. Hence it is very important that students get the basics cleared in class 9 itself. Topics in Physics and Chemistry like Mechanics, Mole Concepts are given from Class 11 syllabus. These topics are really very difficult for the students of Class 9 to understand; particularly numericals based on such topics are beyond their imagination.

Science is one of the crucial subjects in class 9. Students of class 9 face many challenges in this particular subject because of its vast theory & complex formulae. However, if the concepts are clear and there is a good study plan, students can score good marks in this particular subject.

As class 9 forms a base for higher classes & mainly for class 10 Board exams, it is important for students to get their concepts crystal clear.

A good foundation in class 9 will also be helpful for students who are planning for various competitive exams like JEE, NTSE, NEET & other state medical examinations.

With the best faculty experts, Studymate helps our students understand the trickiest concepts & assist them to excel in their examinations. Our Audio Visual Based learning helps students in better retention of topics.

We provide the best study material & the content is prepared by our group of expert faculty.

Our focus on rigorous practice of CBSE sample papers based on latest syllabus helps the students to develop confidence and achieve their desired goal.

General Instructions: 

•    1. There will be an Annual examination based on entire syllabus. 
•    2. The annual examination will be of 80 marks and 20 marks shall be for Internal Assessment. 
•    3. The components of Internal Assessment would be: 
•    a. Periodic Assessment of 10 marks that would include: 
•    • For 5 marks- Three periodic tests conducted by the school. Average of the best two tests to be taken. This will have a weightage of 05 marks towards the final result. 
•    For 5 marks- Diverse methods of assessment as per the need of the class dynamics and curriculum transaction. These may include- short tests, oral test, quiz, concept map, etc. 
•    This will also have a weightage of 05 marks towards the final result. 

Importance of NCERT book: 

It’s our observation that most of our students are diverted in different reference books available in market without revising NCERT book. 9th final paper is typically based on NCERT content, topics and questions of chapter wise exercises. 
Students need to practice all questions of NCERT book + important topics given and suggested by concerned faculty. 

Sequence of preparation:

1.    NCERT Book content.
2.    NCERT Book chapter wise revision and practice of 1 mk, 2mks, 3 mks & 5 mks.
3.    Follow Studymate book, Studymate class notes, school notes, Studymate worksheets, assignments.
4.    Studymate test papers, quarterly test papers, unit papers, full length papers and Science extensive test papers attempt is critically important.
5.    Studymate “Revision worksheets” are designed to enhance writing and presentation skills of students.

6.    For getting 100% mks in Science it’s necessary to make a balance of Physics + Chemistry +Biology in 9th Science final school examination. Respect and revise PCB in an equal manner through written practice.
7.    Attempt all Studymate CET’s (Chapter End Tests, Unit tests, Extensive tests and full length papers).

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