CBSE Class 11 Economics

  • Economics is one of the most important and interesting subject of class 11th Commerce. It helps a student to get aware about how an economy works.
  • Economics reasoning and theories is widely used in the recent era and therefore it is quite easy for the class 11th students to relate the concepts with real life situations.
  • It deals with the study of production, distribution & consumption of goods & services.
  • In class 11th students will get introduce to Microeconomics, where individual analysis is done & also to Statistics where collection, processing & analysis of economic data is done.
  • Studymate provides Audio visual based learning which helps students in better retention of topics.
  • Our faculty experts very well understand the CBSE Board papers & therefore help students to score well in their examinations.
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CBSE Class 11 Economics Course Coverage

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Chapter Names


Introduction to Microeconomics


Consumer Equilibrium and Demand


Producer Behavior and Supply 


Forms of Market and Price Determination 
under Perfect Competition with Simple Application


Introduction to Statistics 


Collection, Organisation and Presentation of Data


Statistical Tools and Interpretation 

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Concept Videos


Concept Videos

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MCQs & Assignments

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Discussion Forum

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